Here you go. This is my final video project for this semester. After a lot of hard work it turned out pretty good. Most importantly I learned a lot.

A Titanic Idea




Here are five artists that I am using as inspiration for my spacial project for Digital Print making.

The first set of images is work by Bela Borsodi. Bela Borsodi is a still life photographer from Austria. He currently bases his business in New York City. For many of his projects he works with a team of artists to create three-dimensional spaces which he then photographs. I am most drawn to his forms that he creates using a variety of household objects that when photographed at the correct angle create a letter or word. His use of perspective is my favorite aspect of these photographs.

Christo and Jeanna-Claude were both born on June, 13 1935. Christo was born in Bulgaria. Jeanna_Claude was born in Morocco. They are a very famous husband and wife duo that work with temporary  installation art. The the couple uses fabric for most of their artwork to create a new way of seeing familiar landscapes. Their artwork is beautiful and grand in scale. It is so very simple yet powerful. Some of their more famous projects are the islands, where they surrounded a chain of island with pink fabric, the running fence, the Central Park gates, the wrapping of Reichstag in Berlin and the Pont-Neuf bridge in Paris

My next artist is designer and educator Ashley John Pigford. He is currently an assistant professor for the University of Delaware’s Visual Communications department. In 2006, Ashley received his masters degree from The Rhode Island School of Design. Before going to grad school he worked as a successful Graphic Designer in Los Angeles. In Ashley’s personal artistic explorations he does many experimental installations involving interactivity, space, sculpture and sound.

Another artist that I greatly admire and am using for inspiration is M.C. Escher. Escher was born in 1898 in the Netherlands. He is a graphic artist that is know best for his mathematically inspired lithographs, woodcuts and mezzotints. He is a 2-D artist that uses perspective, scale and a number of other skills to create illusions of three-dimension in a two-dimensional space.

Lastly, An artist who I greatly admire and one who brings a different perspective on the concept of  “space”. David LaChapelle is a photographer and a video/commercial/film director born in Connecticut on March 11, 1963. David’s LaChappelle’s primary work is in photography and he brings a unique, humors, sometimes offensive and always beautiful perspective to photography. David is famous for the many photographs that he has taken of celebrities acting out unusual scenarios. He and his team create amazing environments with Hollywood set lighting. His work is very powerful stuff.

This is the shortened version of a longer and more elaborate final video to come.

One of the aspects of creating art that I enjoy the most is playing with the viewers perception of space. This questioning of reality allows the viewer to accept what they see as neither true nor false and appreciate the pure aesthetic qualities of the art. In the case of my wallpaper design, it allows the viewer to appreciate the colors and pattern created. The drastic changes in book sizes in my wallpaper also draws attention to the equal importance of each piece of a puzzle to the whole. The books, being a representation of knowledge, are all equally important in my education regardless of their size.

Here is a view at my current status in my project for Advanced New Media. I am creating a music video for my friends Minos, a band from Southern Delaware. I am currently editing the footage recorded by myself of Nate McCormick this past weekend. There is a gap in the footage as of now because I have not yet decided what to do for this section. After the editing is finished I will add animations to create the environment that Nate is interacting with. The name of the song is Sunday.

Check out my Audio/Video synchronization made for my Advanced New Media Class. .